3 Reasons That A Girl Wana Marry

There’re three things that a boy must have if he wana get married with a girl. 3 Top attractions that a girl wana marry with you, man:

1-Your Status
2-Your Attitude
3-Your Beauty

1-Your Status is the most important thing in your life towards which a girl is attracted. Well, in our society, status includes Family Status, Monetral Status, Social Status. Family Status refers to a good, honorable family while monetral status refers to what you have in your bank account, wallet, property and what kind of secure job you have. Your status is more appealing as more and more money and security of job you have. And I think it’s not bad if parents of girl(s) want their daughter(s)’ future monetrally secured. It’s quite natural attraction for a girl[or girl’s parents] that her husband should be able to provide her [& her offspring afterwards] with clothing, food and a home to live in with peace, for which money does matter. I am rather not saying that girl or a girl’s parents should be materialistic, there’re other things too, that play very vital role in matriamonial life/decisions.

2-Your Attitude also does matter.


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