Power of Attitude of Gratitude

“Gratitude or gratefulness is feeling, emotion or attitude in acknowledgement of a benefit that one has received or will receive.” – Wikipedia
The Creator of the Universe has provided us with all of the benefits that we need in order to live a happy and a healthy life. Now these are ‘We’ who have made our world so much greedy that we have changed our happinesses. Media has also played its role regarding this. Now different commercials let us know what we need badly and what we not. This is ‘we’ who to decide but such commercials provoke us to get a luxurious car if we really want to be happy. Now, I’m not trying to convince you not to buy cars, furniture even if needed.i just wana say that these are not the real reasons behind your happinesses. Happiness is a feeling. Thankfulness is also a feeling. Simplifying, apart from artificial worldy stuff, there’re thousands of thousands of things that we should be thankful for. This is not problem that we dont have benefits to be thankful for; but the problem is that we dont acknowledge them. We’ve forgot simple natural stuff in this crazy going world of materialism. I simply want you to be grateful for every aspect of life. Why? Because:

Attitude of gratitude helps you understand the nature
To be grateful, you are to acknowledge things. You’ll begin to search and seek out the things that are near you. This is the way you can understand the nature. More things you’ll find, more thankful you will become for them.
And Allah (God) says in Quran, “If you’ll be more thankful, I’ll give you more.”

Gratitude makes your relationships more strong
Social needs are those basic needs that human-beings own; this is why they’re designated as social animals. If need is fulfilled, man gets happy. And more happy you are; more will be the people around you and vice versa.
He has not thanked Allah (The God), who has not thanked people” – Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad SAW
You’ll be grateful for little or bigger gifts and acts by the people around you; stronger relations you own. Dont you get happy when you’re thanked?

Gratitude attracts what we want
This is universal law that more focus you put on things, more they’ll be attracted to you. And if you think about the things that you’re thankful for; you will ultimately attract that closer. Be grateful for things you have and even for the things you dont have.

More Gratitude, Less Aggression
If you google, you’ll come to know that recent researches have shown that being more grateful makes you less aggressive. Apart from these studies, you must have experienced this. If not, then experience it; I bet you will enjoy.

Gratitude reduces negativity
A guy has lost his leg and you might think how frustrated guy he must be. But if he replies, “Thank God, I’ve not lost my second leg”, you must get surprised how positive he is. Do you get why? Because he’s thankful. Gratitdde always reduces negativity. In bad situations, you always need positive behavior, but chances of negative thoughts are higher; because the situations are bad. A thankful guy can handle these situation more suitably.

“Grateful people have more energy and optimism and are less bothered by life’s hassles.” – Founder of Success Consciousness

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more, if you concentrate on what you dont have, you’ll never ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

“It’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy” MY Favorite Gratitude Quote by Unknown Writer

“There’s always to be thankful for, if you cannot pay bills, you can be thankful you are not one of your creditors” The Quote From Unknown Writer That Inspired Me To Write This Post

Here’s the shortest list of the things to be grateful for:

-Parents: for producing you and growing you up.

-Family: for being the closest kinship in the world.

-Friends: for sharing bad and good time.

-5 Senses; for letting you know/feel the world around you.

-Speech: for letting world know what’s inside you.

-Immune System: for making you away from diseases etc.

-Sexual System: for reproducing and pleasure.

-Heart; for pumping blood

-100s of other parts of body; to make you complete human machine.

-Sun: for getting light and heat from it.

-Rain: for waters etc.

-Animals; that you use for transport, food etc.

-Shoes: for comfort.

-Kind strangers: for giving you sweet memory.

-Love: for you can feel that you are alive.

-Job: for being the source of your living, food, clothes etc.

-Movies: for learning morals etc.

-Oxygen: for you breathe through.

-Transport: for saving your time and much energy, etc.

-Internet: to exchange ideas, knowledge, memories, services etc with the globe.

And the list is limitless, share the things that you’re thankful for in comments. I’d love to read them:


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