Are You Afraid of Insecurities?

This is guest-post by Nadine Ly.

“Insecurity is a feeling of general nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving of oneself to be vulnerable in some way, or a sense of vulnerability or instability which threatens one’s self-image and ego” – Wikipedia

Let’s get straight. I want you to try a little experiment alongwith me. Are you ready?
Stay in front of mirror and take a look in it for a second. What do you notice? Do you see a beautiful person with great potential or an average-looking person with no or little potential?
If you see a beautiful and confident person, that’s great! You feel like you can conquer anything and can do what YOU want to. But I would like to address those of you who think they’re only ‘average’. Like you, I can also relate to feeling like “I don’t do enough” or “I’ll never be able to accomplish anything”. First of all, let’s clarify that what makes you think that way? Was there an experience in the past that made you think that way today?
There are two sayings that come to mind when I think about this: “We all have flaws” & “Nobody’s perfect”. I’ve heard it over and over and over and over, but it never really stuck to me. But, what I did to relieve this pain of over self-consciousness was to take these two sayings and tested them outside in the real world. What I found was pretty amazing! I noticed that when I talk to others it’s not like I pick apart all the imperfect details about them. I look at their entire image and don’t really care if they dress differently or look different than others. I see them positive way too.

Sometimes what we dislike in us is wanted by others the most. We’re all so busy looking at our own flaws and thinking everybody else notices and dislikes them that we never take the time to notice how much they mean to us. They might not seem great to you, but to someone else, your imperfections are flawless. We’re all beautiful people so take time out of your day today to appreciate your insecurities and I promise they won’t bother you as much anymore. Your insecurities might be your attributes.

Nadine Ly is a life lover and owns a website:Nadinee in which she shares different things on life. She’s an amateur blogger & YouTuber. You’d love visit her YT Channel: Fluky Inkling.


6 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of Insecurities?

  1. I really got into this article. I found it to be interesting and loaded with unique points of interest. I like to read material that makes me think. Thank you for writing this great content.


  2. You wouldn’t feel it but I’ve wasted all day digging for some articles about insecurities. You may be a lifesaver, it was an exceptional read and has helped me out to no finish. Cheers!


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