Sex is the Ultimate and Purest Form of Love

Having Sex
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Sex – the act of making love – real love which everybody would love to enjoy. Love is always there between opposite sexes and the best way to show your love is to have sex with that person. I have come to realize this clear reality after a very long time but it’s better late than never reached.

Every human-being has needs; physical needs which means you would want to eat and probably wear some clothes, social needs which will encourage you to get social with the people (one of the most famous psychologists Wilhelm died because he was left lonely in this world) and sexual needs which needs to be fulfilled as well. Physical needs can also include having sex to make out body rock in this real world. Look! Sex is not a bad thing to do as some people still believe in. Exactly like money is not bad as some people believe, in-fact having money is necessary.

“Sex is the ultimate and purest form of love”

When I shared this on Facebook, one of my very good friends asked me to elaborate and I made the following comment, it may add here,

“Thanks for giving me the chance to elaborate my views on such a sensitive issue.

Ok first off, let me clarify the things which you already know; sex is the basic need exactly like social, emotional and physical needs. Physical and emotional needs are inter-linked with sexual needs.
Now, look, people of under-developed countries like Pakistan or highly poor countries like African ones, are not eating (healthy) and their basic needs of ‘bread, clothes and shelter’ are not being fulfilled. This is why, they are all too busy (in arranging ‘bread, clothes and shelter’ for themselves) to seek knowledge and ask the authorities for show-cause on their ill-policies.

So, now talking about sexual needs, people are deprived of having sex easily and this is why, they run for women (and probably men if they are gays), exploit them and keep themselves busy in this ‘trial-and-error’ situation. This highly changes people’s mind and perspectives towards important things which make up the entire society.

Are you waiting for your happiness?

Another point is; people, free to have sex easily, are healthier and energetic in carrying their duties responsibly. And if people aint free as in our sweet Pakistan, they die for rape, masturbate and exploit call-girls and aunties and bear every suffering made by governments and authorities.”

You want your partner to be healthy and your relationship to be fit, right?

Studies reveal that married satisfied couples report having sex lives. In many countries, you might have heard the news about the divorces and their reason was, ‘S/he’s bad at bed’ or in the worst situation, ‘S/he’s never at bed’. What does all these observations and studies lead to? Many therapist believe that if you are not having sex regularly, you are probably more sad and lethargic than those who have sex. Having sex involves an emotional process. Like other needs, emotional needs also exist and they can be fulfilled through having sex.

Sex lessens stress

You love your partner? If yes, you would surely want him/her to be in relief – and not in some kinda bloody stress. You should better try having a good sex ride. It’s more pleasing than eating chocolates or strawberries. So let your troubles aside and plan a sexy evening to soothe yourself and your partner.

Sex reduces the risk of cancer

Everything can cause cancer these days! Active smoking, passive smoking, deodorants, paints and even some clothes! Luckily, there’s one thing you can do to help prevent both breast and prostate cancer – engage in some ol’ fashioned horizontal gymnastics!

Sex helps you live longer

Sex rejuvenates, heals wounds, makes you more flexible and less prone to various illnesses. It’s a metabolism and immunity booster, reduces the risk of stroke and fights the aging process too! Add that positive, happy, sexy feeling your weekly supply of “Big O’s” will give you and you’ve just got yourself a perfect anti-aging method no lab could ever produce, bottle or sell!

Last Word: I will update this post on the weekly basis to add more to this post, exhibiting importance of sex. Want to add to this story? Share in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Sex is the Ultimate and Purest Form of Love

  1. Well said Abdul Rauf, but be it cleared that sex between husband wife gives you such benefits……..only satisfied ones


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