Youngsters Need to Spark – Youth Leadership & Peace Conference 2014

On May 11, 2014, I have enjoyed the Youth Leadership & Peace Conference 2014 at the Arts Council in Multan, where I have also won the title of ‘Leader of the House’ after learning many life-changing lessons 🙂

Me - Receiving the Title of 'Leader of the House'
Me – Receiving the Title of ‘Leader of the House’

After joining in the YLPC2014, I feel a new sense of purpose towards the leadership of youth and their influence on curating the peaceful society out. I read some fine self-development books and followed inspirational blogs as well, but what I realized is that; special things can be learnt through doing, not just reading, this is one of the most important lessons, I learned at the conference.

There’s no doubt that youth is very important in curating out the society in the world. This is why, many federal governments have formed special ministries for youth (Youth Ministry). According to Ministry of Youth Affairs in Pakistan and many others, the period (of age between 15 and 29) of life which youth represents is most productive and useful by virtue of the nascent energies they are endowed with by nature. The young people aspire for full participation in the life of a society. If appropriate opportunities are made available to put their natural endowment to creative, productive and useful channels, Pakistani youth is indeed capable of working miracles & in Multan, Youth Leadership and Peace Conference (YLPC2014) is one those miracles. In Pakistan, the youth population is at present more than forty million, which is about one forth of our total population.

Trainers Were Amazing & So Were the Things They Did:

Adventurous & Energetic Trainer 'Samad Khan' at YLPC - Photo Courtesy of YouthImpact
Adventurous & Energetic Trainer ‘Samad Khan’ at YLPC – Photo Courtesy of YouthImpact

Coming onto the amazing things about the YLPC2014, the CEO & Founder of Youth Impact Samad Khan & Zaydan Khan from Organization for teh Development of Youth, inspired the audience to do the things which they really need to do for more peaceful community. They tried different techniques filled with fun to do so. Thanks and love, for the inspirational lessons and motivational activities, to honorable, generous and adventurous guy Abdul Samad Khan who rocked the #YLPC2014 as a trainer along-with the Boss Zaydan Khan who is not easy-to-handle guy, of course. They both were successful in creating engaging-atmosphere in the hall and seemed very comfortable. Samad Khan gave the opportunity to come onto the stage for positive and productive activities. According to the official event page on Facebook, Samad Khan considers youth development as a purpose to live – that keeps him helping young people discover and maximize their potential. Having a second life after recovering from cancer, he became a passionate dreamer with a strong belief to live an impact-ful life for self and others. He is living a wonderful life with his virtuous purpose 

Entertainment Level was Funtabulous:

Little Angels Performing
Little Angels Performing

Entertainment is a must to grab the attention of audience & to help them involve the activities. And the organizers of YLPC2014 knew it, they did it very well. In the start, the team played the national anthem during which all the guys were standing in honor. After that, little angels of IIUI performed and spread the smiles among the young faces. Organizers also showed a play in which importance of inter-religious harmony & love was exhibited excellently. D5 (dancing group) danced and rocked in the Arts Council in the end of the conference. The trainers also used energizers intelligently & I liked that ‘tip tip tip barish’ energizer the most.

Vision of YLPC2014:

There is a dire need to harness new ideas, propositions and schemes envisaged by our youth, as they will be the leaders of tomorrow. The vigor and passion of young blood, if channeled properly, is a certain harbinger of a prosperous future for all of us. Keeping this is in mind, the Youth leadership and peace conference is an attempt to extract, showcase and utilize the abilities of the bright young minds.

Mission of YLPC2014:

• To support peaceful resolution of the community issues of the Pakistan.
• To uphold basic human rights and promote regional peace and harmony.
• To promote the cultural and traditional activities.
• To support and promote education at every level. 
• To provide free legal aid and awareness in rural as well as urban areas. 
• To address the problems of youth .
• To support the ideas, initiatives and networks of youth within the country and abroad.
• To identify and provide opportunities for youth to enhance their leadership and entrepreneur abilities.
To expand media engagement and strengthen social bonding through youth-friendly events.

Room for Improvement:

There’s always  a room for perfection, for improvement, and this conference also needed the one. When I, along-with my friends Tamour Yousuf, Ayesha & Ghazala, entered the arts council, we were not told we needed to get our tickets (passes) stamped at the entrance, after roaming around, we had to get back to the entrance to do so. But as we suggested the team to ask one of their volunteers to stand up at the entrance to let others know about the ‘stamping, they immediately acted upon our advice’. The stamp read, ‘LUNCH’, which my friend Tamour Yousuf didn’t like, he said they must have not used this word – looks like we reached there for lunch. They could use the word like ‘Registered’. Time-mismanagement was another room to be improved. In Pakistan, one-hour-delay is normal but they started the conference after 3-hour-delay. But after that, they all blasted the event and won out our hearts.

Last Word of My Mouth:

Really looking forward to another day of inspiration and challenge. This was special for me also because I contested and won in different activities. Events like Youth Leadership & Peace Conference invigorate productivity, positivity & pro-activity among the youth. Thumbs Up to JPO & SFHDO along-with YouthImpact & ODY guys, for such a wonderful event for the youth of Multan. 


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