Extremism –The Bane of Our Society


Extremism has emerged as a challenge in Pakistan especially in the last decade. It is having toll on the social fabric and is adversely impacting all spheres of life. The notion of co-existence is challenged each day by religious extremists and radical groups who adopt violent ways. Islamic extremism is the primary national security and human rights concern of the world today. It is firstly the primary motivator of acts of terrorism worldwide. Secondly, as Islamic extremists gain power and rule, human rights abuses – including oppression of women, homosexuals and religious minorities as well as governmental tyranny, sectarian warfare and bigotry inherent in sharia law – come to the fore. Throughout history, people have perpetrated extreme violent acts in the name of religion – whether it is Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism or another faith. A complex series of psychological, political, historical and theological factors combine to trigger such behaviour.

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