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I’m Abdul Rauf, 22, author & moderator of Blog of Abdul Rauf. I am a passionate blogger, youth activist, book reader, poetry lover and a student of master’s in Multan, Pakistan. I cofounded Mugheera Youth Council for the empowerment of youth of my community. I’m committed to bring about positive and productive change in society. I worked for more than 2 years as a teacher and taught my students the life lessons I learnt through reading, writing, experiencing, feeling etc. I have also joined and learnt a lot from various trainings conducted by different NGOs to empower youth. I’ve always been enthusiastic lover of reading & producing blogged articles. This curiosity led me to launch the blog on February 10, 2010. Anyhow, I could not write a lot since its start. But nowadays, I am committed to typically post once a week. The blog publishes useful & practical articles on ‘life lessons & other relevant views & reviews that life offers me. I strongly urge you to write guest-post(s) for abdolrauf.wordpress.com.

Thanks for your stay here, I hope you enjoy it. If you would like to strike a conversation, please feel free to get in touch through below given links:

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31 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you so very much Amir, I’m aroused by felicity after having your comment but dear I’s not for myself, the blogsite is dedicated to my parents, all of my good friends-n-teachers – yeah but it’s constructed by me.


  1. AOA
    dude i am astonished to notice your blog and if i am not wrong, a social network too.
    thts pretty awesome job u aare doing
    bravo by the way
    MUDASSER Qureshi


    • Hye Diana,

      I love reading your latest post titled ‘Meet A Real Teacher: Dan Fullerton’

      I’ll also let you know if we can share things on mutual interests at our blogs. Thanks.


  2. Great blog. Your enthusiasm for writing is admirable.

    I’m posting in regard to your tweet. To submit a blog to The Express Tribune, use the “Say it on Tribune Blogs” button in the right-hand column of the blog section.

    To maximize the chances of your piece being accepted, try the following:
    – Be controversial, but not offensive. Write about matters that could spark a healthy debate.
    – Write about current affairs, or at least reference your article to the present situation in some way.
    – Be funny (if appropriate, depending on the content of your piece)
    – Check your spellings and grammar before submitting. Even though the editing team can correct these errors, it’s best not to spoil your impression.
    – Pay special attention to the first paragraph. Published in bold, it is used as an attention-grabber to lure the reader into reading the rest of the article. Make sure it’s fascinating or funny enough to serve that purpose.
    – Like the starting paragraph, the title shouldn’t be too vague. The editor may change the title as he/she sees fit, but if you’re new to the system, it’s best to use a title that would catch the Blog Desk’s eye.
    – Conclude your article smartly. Don’t end abruptly, and try to tie up your argument in a poetic, amusing or meaningful way.

    Best of luck, Abdul! Let me know if you get published!

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    • Assalam-o-Alaikum Faraz Bhai,

      It’s an immense source of pleasure and encouragement to have your immediate and positive response to my tweet. I’m highly grateful to you for this.

      Oh blogging at Express Tribune, simple as it is! Woah! Ok I will definitely try it out.

      And yeah, I’ve got no suitable words to thank you regarding tips and tricks you have told for getting my piece of writing published on ETB. The points are really helpful. I will follow them.

      Thank you so very much again, brother. I’m proud you are a Pakistani! Stay blessed.


    • Always glad to help a fellow blogger.

      Unfortunately, they don’t pay for blog posts. But it should serve you well as ‘writing experience’, if you’re planning to pursue even a partial career in writing. So I highly recommend you give it a shot!

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      • A. A. Faraz bhai, thanks again for responding. Yes you are right. And payment is, of course, all we need or we owe to. So that’s really kinda great exposure. I’ll definitely give it a shot. Thanks again.


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