My New Resolutions for 2015 – Abdul Rauf

Resolutions for 2015

A New Year’s resolution is a secular tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from New Year’s Day. Every year people make new year’s resolutions to make best of their lives and I personally and appreciate this. Some of my friends ask what if I dont succeed in converting my resolutions into reality and I ask them, “so what? Atleast I will be fulfilling more than 50% of my resolutions which means I will be doing more than I usually would”.

I am sharing my new year’s resolutions for 2015 and deliberately publicizing so that I may get a whip when not focused 🙂 Have a look and also do share yours!

Social Resolutions

  • Be more at LinkedIn – Professional Social Network
  • Validate important people in my life, more
  • Be more inclined to family

Self-Development Resolutions

  • Go to a sport event, a music concert & a museum
  • Investigate a philosophical movement in the history
  • Be on the way to Nirvana 🙂
  • Say what I mean and mean what I say
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Memorize all the int’l capital cities
  • Being more consistent at what I am good at.
  • Start taking vitamins and fruits more

Financial Resolutions

  • Create emergency funds
  • Prioritize and record my transactions

Life-Loving Resolutions

  • Keep at-least one plant alive
  • Discover heritage
  • Meet 15 or more amazing people
  • Ride an air-craft
  • Take blogging seriously
  • Start a hobby (Dance, Yoga, Driving)
  • Acquire a DSLR-Camera
  • Visit to 5 different cities of Pakistan
  • Visit a country abroad
  • Create a blood donating group
  • Translate an int’l book into Urdu
  • Volunteer more
  • Study more than 30 books
  • Write more (than 50 articles)

Youngsters Need to Spark – Youth Leadership & Peace Conference 2014

On May 11, 2014, I have enjoyed the Youth Leadership & Peace Conference 2014 at the Arts Council in Multan, where I have also won the title of ‘Leader of the House’ after learning many life-changing lessons 🙂

Me - Receiving the Title of 'Leader of the House'
Me – Receiving the Title of ‘Leader of the House’

After joining in the YLPC2014, I feel a new sense of purpose towards the leadership of youth and their influence on curating the peaceful society out. I read some fine self-development books and followed inspirational blogs as well, but what I realized is that; special things can be learnt through doing, not just reading, this is one of the most important lessons, I learned at the conference.

There’s no doubt that youth is very important in curating out the society in the world. This is why, many federal governments have formed special ministries for youth (Youth Ministry). According to Ministry of Youth Affairs in Pakistan and many others, the period (of age between 15 and 29) of life which youth represents is most productive and useful by virtue of the nascent energies they are endowed with by nature. The young people aspire for full participation in the life of a society. If appropriate opportunities are made available to put their natural endowment to creative, productive and useful channels, Pakistani youth is indeed capable of working miracles & in Multan, Youth Leadership and Peace Conference (YLPC2014) is one those miracles. In Pakistan, the youth population is at present more than forty million, which is about one forth of our total population. Continue reading

Speak Up & Get Shot – Like Rashid Rehman

This post has been featured on my present blog AbdolRauf.Com with the same title: Speak Up & Get Shot – Like Rashid Rehman

Rashid Rehman - Photo Courtesy of Express
Rashid Rehman – Photo Courtesy of a Documentary by Beena Sarwar on Mukhtara Maii Case for which Rashid Rehman Gave a Thoughtful Interview

In my city – Multan, in the evening of May 7, 2014, some unidentified killers entered in the office of Rashid Rehman at Kutchehri Chowk, killed him and went away easily. No witness (Was there not a single man?). No actions (Is there no department to do so?). No Resistance (Is evil more powerful than the ‘righteousnss’?). Nothing like that. This is how things happen in Pakistan, everytime when someone does something right. You must have heard that if you are in LA, behave LA, so if you are in a nation where religious intensity is sky-high, you must show that (religious intensity). Otherwise speak up & get shot like Rashid RehmanAdvocate Rashid Rehman was doing something that requires a lot of courage and guts. I appreciate his services and condemn the government for not providing him required security. This incident will discourage other lawyers to take his place which means the justice system will be compromised. Why only Nawaz Sharif deserves the best security while other professionals who are doing the real work out on the street, not? Despite his plea for help, government ignored the threats, proves they are not interested in protecting minorities and the ones extend a helping hand to the minorities. Continue reading

“I’ll Never Forgive Him (or Her)!”

“I’ll Never Forgive Him (or Her)!”

Oh no no it’s not that I want to speak (write, literally) against someone I dont want to forgive. Then why this hate-filled title of this post? Read on and you’ll catch the point very soon.

Lately, I’ve got admission in master’s program (M.Com) in the university. All of my classmates were new for me. I’ve never met any of them in my life before. I consider all very gentle and good persons. I believe that everyone has his/her unique style of responding to different happenings around him/her. Everything was going fine (as is). All of my classmates are supportive. I often happen to interact with my teachers while in classroom. Continue reading

Reader Appreciation Award! [11 July 2012]

It is always great getting some award. Today I want to share that I have got ‘Reader Appreciation Award’. Below given is a link to that award declaration:

Reader Appreciation Award! [11 July 2012].

Back from hostel!

This is fairly difficult to write about past because you cannot justify with every moment of it. But it’s necessary to pay tribute to the most respectable parents and teachers and lovely friends who made/tried to make my life beautiful and successful.This is fairly difficult to write about past because you cannot justify with every moment of it. But it’s necessary to pay tribute to the most respectable parents and teachers and lovely friends who made/tried to make my life beautiful and successful. That’s a universal truth that every moment of life brings new experiences.
Two year a fairly long period of B.Com and that of hostel life was totally a new experience for me. Start was very enthusiastic to explore hostel memories and the people around. After sometime, all was not new anymore and I adjusted. But before this ‘sometime’I missed my home a lot. Even I cried thinking that why I’m alone here.
Meeting new people in college premises and getting new ideas was also great. During the 2 year hostel life, I really have found those moments who can cause my smile today and the days after. I alongwith different friends like Azhar Abbas bhai, Tamour Yousuf, Ahsan Shabeer, Salman Tarique, Bilawal and others went to different places and did different things whatever wanted, but being in limiting circle. Sometimes we forget to thank the guys who make our life happy in theri own simple ways. I really appreciate them for being a part of my hostel and educational life in Multan(2009-2011). Today is just an ordinary day, nothing is really special. But tribute to all friends for being around. I always love their company, I’m so blessed that I met them (specially 4-idiots*). Tribute to all teachers during terms of B.Com and room-mates, sessions-mates, class-mates, college-mates and friends for adding beautiful & bright colors to my life.
The period I enjoyed with teachers and classmates at RISE School of Accountancy, Multan and with other friends & jigars in & outside the hostel(s) will always be in my mind. I’m sure that I have committed mistakes to them, but I’m also sure that they will pardon me as they are great. I solute to the greatness of the most kind and respectable teachers and loving friends who ignored my idiocies.
During the B.Com, I came to learn both (Bad&Good) ways to live a life. May God bless all my friends (Specially 4-idiots) to adopt only good ways to live. New secretes of life were open to my eyes during the term. Some people are of view that as input you consume time & money and as output you get only a job or so for the short period of lifetime. But fact is; in return you get a whole student life and learnings which is not a bad deal (exchange) of course. Some brand new terminologies are ever-lasting memory like ph.d, lpcgd, bujh gai etc.
Man learns from hostel life a lot; you should not be over-possessive, materialistic and sometimes over-flexibale for some circumstances as all that glitters is not gold. Meet everybody with sucha smiling friendly behavior that he might wish to meet you again in life. Learn to face the difficulty in life because you cannot hide realities for longer period of time.
Some confessions are; I dont celebrate birthdays usually, but during the last two years at Multan, my birthdays were celebrated by my friends – one of which was celebrated in the street with some pastries only exactly at 12:00 AM 18-Oct-2011 by Azhar Bhai with Imran Saleem and me. we (I with my friends) used to watch almost all the hit movies (of that time) at cinema. We used to sing & shout with felicity on roads, streets and chowks.

3 Reasons That A Girl Wana Marry

There’re three things that a boy must have if he wana get married with a girl. 3 Top attractions that a girl wana marry with you, man:

1-Your Status
2-Your Attitude
3-Your Beauty

1-Your Status is the most important thing in your life towards which a girl is attracted. Well, in our society, status includes Family Status, Monetral Status, Social Status. Family Status refers to a good, honorable family while monetral status refers to what you have in your bank account, wallet, property and what kind of secure job you have. Your status is more appealing as more and more money and security of job you have. And I think it’s not bad if parents of girl(s) want their daughter(s)’ future monetrally secured. It’s quite natural attraction for a girl[or girl’s parents] that her husband should be able to provide her [& her offspring afterwards] with clothing, food and a home to live in with peace, for which money does matter. I am rather not saying that girl or a girl’s parents should be materialistic, there’re other things too, that play very vital role in matriamonial life/decisions.

2-Your Attitude also does matter.