Leaders are made!

Leadership is defined as the ability to get others to follow you willingly. I’m neither a leader nor an expert of the subject ‘Leadership’. I just have some ideas to share which I am sure you’d like to consider to bring out a leader in you.

Lots of people are of view that leaders are born. A leader is made, not born. Even you can be a very good leader at your present or recquired level. What you are supposed to do as a leader is to follow simple instructions given out here.

First, let’s take Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah’s way ‘Unity, Faith, Descipline’. Add determination and commitment also. Try to unite people by giving strong arguments. Strong argumentation recquire good studies and experience. Strong studies come from reading books, googling related search, attending trainings, workshops etc. While experiences come from putting yourself in related situation or interacting to already experienced person(s). Keeping faith in what you’re doinf. Keep faith in you. Possibility of achieving goals is directly proportionalto how much you keep faith in you. Stay organized. This keeps you to stick to your goals. Getting yourself disciplined means to get others diciplined. This also makes you popular in your field. Commitment and determination are also one of the five pillars earlier discussed. Always fullfill your commitments and to your goals come what may.

A good leader is the one who listens to new ideas calmly. Opennes is one of the core qualities of a good leader. Yesterday, I happened to join a political open meeting. There the leader at the stage faced complaints, criticism totally new ideas and suggestions from totally new audience. But all was fine at the moment. Actually, this all was made fine by the leader with ability to listen to new things with smile and patience. Another technique he utilized as “the use of humor”. People become bored sometimes and dont respond you positively. This detracks the people and sometimes leader himself/herself too. The best trick to tackle this is to use humor. The use of humor definitely causes the people to smile and to feel better. Now calm people will follow and listen to you with more attentive and peaceful mind. People also praise this behavior even if you’re not with them anymore.

Focus on what went wrong and why. Evaluate your words&actions. This strongly stimulate people to follow you and even stand by you during even hard times. There’s always a room for perfection. So improve things, then improve the unimproved things and so on to make yourself more improved leader.

You must prove yourself a good leader by putting ‘attention on work-in-hand’. You can prepare a to-do-list on your mobile-phone, notebook or a laptop for you. Through this, you become an insipiration for people around you. Take responsibilities and ultimately people get hope which is a good sign for your leadership.

Prove that you’re alive. You’ll consider this ridiculous but yeah I mean it. Express what you dislike and like with strong argumentative background. Stand for a cause.


Every Sunrise Brings New Hope

Sunrise With New Hope
Sunrise With New Hope

Essay: “Every Sunrise Brings New Hope”

“Every sunrise brings new hopes for people.” It is the natural phenomenon that the whole world enjoys.
According to Wikipedia, It is the “feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best”
When we talk about ‘Sunrise’ and ‘New Hope’ actually sun gives advantageous light due to which our Earth gets life. It is the center of the solar system. In the same way, ‘New Hope’ is the center of existence of life, giving light to it. Sunlight is always symbol of new hope. A new day of life starts with it. When a man’s failures and circumstances are killing him, a new hope pops as a new soul. Hope is a key concept in all the religions. Allah Tala has selected ‘dawn’ as the time for Fajjar Prayer so that sunrise may be viewed. This also depicts the importance of sunrise and its relation to new hope.
Research has emerged showing the relationships between several psychological constructs and health. Optimism is one of these concepts and has been shown to explain between 5–10% of the variation in the likelihood of developing some health conditions. Sunrise is an encouraging sign. Walking is the lightest form of exercise. The best morning walk is the one that is begun with sunrise. The one who does so, lives longer. According to researches, hope in the mind brings peace and new ways to explore wonders of the nature. The relationship between hope and health has also been studied with regards to physical symptoms, coping strategies and negative affect for those suffering from diseases like asthma and fibromyalgia.

Jeff Goins an English writer and National Geographic Adventurer says,
“As humans, we need hope. We can’t live without it.
It is the lifeblood to our spiritual survival, and the only thing that pulls us out of the deep trenches of the pain and hurt if life.”

In this world everyone feels disappointed and stressed because of ‘not having enough time to work.’ But this is actually mis-management of time as most of us get up late in the mornings when almost half day has finished and now we have a pile of work to do in a less time. One who can sustain hope in him, can live in all kinds of circumstances as he knows that some way is always out there. Person lives a fit life when he rises early in the morning. A working day always starts with new hope. If hope dies, work dies, and when work dies, life dies.
The one who gets up before sunrise to see its view postponds his old age. He can work longer and harder, he doesn’t feel tired. Rather he feels active and happy.He loves to work.The one who holds the hope in him, has brain that is always clear. Hope is one of the keys to Success.
Emily Dickinson has beautifully said,

“Hope” is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all”

Peace and People

PeacePeace which we often talk about is not what we just say, rahter it’s what we do and observe. It’s something more then the mere end of fight in the society. Peace is a state of harmony characterized by the lack of violent conflict. Peace is a simple but fascinating word in sturcture but in its meanings it’s one of the most complicated terminologies incorporating different forms into it i.e. liberalisation, justice, development, simplicity, unity, rationality, harmony, high ethical values, prosperity, individual flexibility and the list continues. For any society to enjoy peace, developmental strategies and projects are needed to be carried out. Because through these strategies and projects, two things are born:
1. Hope to live better.
2. Employment.
Due to hope to live better, people are stimulated to work. That work makes money to dwell life better and thus peaceful atmosphere is created. While no hope and no employment create worse condition where people have got two options:
1. To Be Pessimist
2. To Be Optimist
There’s undoubtedly very strong and direct relationship between social welfare work and peace. In this regard, youth has got much importance because a single young guy is actually a complete generation as s/he is to produce, reproduce and so on. In the world of frustration, the most told falsification is “I am fine.” Peace is what the whole world badly needs today. For that purpose, every individual is recquired to engage himself/herself into some fruitful activity. Not only governmental departments or NGOs but also every individual has to play a very crucial role to create peace and ultimately preserving our world. Without bricks and blocks, you’ll never be able to construct a building, so is the case with individuals and society. First, every individual has to be peaceful in his/her daily life. Second, some more active members of the society must do some developmental task and awareness programmes for the welfare of other people, as Holy Quran says,
“And s/he’s the best who brings about profit for other people.”
By doing this, they will not have time to involve themselves into anti-peace activities. Third, some more active special groups of society must investigate the reasons behind inhumane acts and then create awareness among the guys who are responsible for that. After all doing this, we’ll live in an ideal peaceful society but for achieving all this, first step is a must step.