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I’m going to start a new thing on this blog; I highly encourage you to write article(s) for

Follow Simple Guidlines:

1. Content must be original (i.e. it must not be published in any other blog or a website).

2. Topic should be related to ‘life, its lessons, your experiences in life and your opinions about life-events with arguements.’

3. Simply email your plain or HTML texts at: (no attached files)

4. Email title should be ‘Guest-Post’

5. Writer’s brief introduction or bio with (max. 3) promoting link(s) should be included in the end of the article to be submitted.

I’m waiting for your guest-post eagerly.

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8 thoughts on “Submit Your Article

  1. Abdul, you are doing a great job. I just wanted to bring your attention to a gentleman from Pakistan originally who lives in the USA, who by his interfaith harmony efforts is helping to see Muslims not as terrorists but as all other good people in the world. His name is Shawn Rae. His website is

    His 3 min video on Interfaith harmony is:


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