Extremism –The Bane of Our Society


Extremism has emerged as a challenge in Pakistan especially in the last decade. It is having toll on the social fabric and is adversely impacting all spheres of life. The notion of co-existence is challenged each day by religious extremists and radical groups who adopt violent ways. Islamic extremism is the primary national security and human rights concern of the world today. It is firstly the primary motivator of acts of terrorism worldwide. Secondly, as Islamic extremists gain power and rule, human rights abuses – including oppression of women, homosexuals and religious minorities as well as governmental tyranny, sectarian warfare and bigotry inherent in sharia law – come to the fore. Throughout history, people have perpetrated extreme violent acts in the name of religion – whether it is Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism or another faith. A complex series of psychological, political, historical and theological factors combine to trigger such behaviour.

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Youngsters Need to Spark – Youth Leadership & Peace Conference 2014

On May 11, 2014, I have enjoyed the Youth Leadership & Peace Conference 2014 at the Arts Council in Multan, where I have also won the title of ‘Leader of the House’ after learning many life-changing lessons 🙂

Me - Receiving the Title of 'Leader of the House'
Me – Receiving the Title of ‘Leader of the House’

After joining in the YLPC2014, I feel a new sense of purpose towards the leadership of youth and their influence on curating the peaceful society out. I read some fine self-development books and followed inspirational blogs as well, but what I realized is that; special things can be learnt through doing, not just reading, this is one of the most important lessons, I learned at the conference.

There’s no doubt that youth is very important in curating out the society in the world. This is why, many federal governments have formed special ministries for youth (Youth Ministry). According to Ministry of Youth Affairs in Pakistan and many others, the period (of age between 15 and 29) of life which youth represents is most productive and useful by virtue of the nascent energies they are endowed with by nature. The young people aspire for full participation in the life of a society. If appropriate opportunities are made available to put their natural endowment to creative, productive and useful channels, Pakistani youth is indeed capable of working miracles & in Multan, Youth Leadership and Peace Conference (YLPC2014) is one those miracles. In Pakistan, the youth population is at present more than forty million, which is about one forth of our total population. Continue reading

Speak Up & Get Shot – Like Rashid Rehman

This post has been featured on my present blog AbdolRauf.Com with the same title: Speak Up & Get Shot – Like Rashid Rehman

Rashid Rehman - Photo Courtesy of Express
Rashid Rehman – Photo Courtesy of a Documentary by Beena Sarwar on Mukhtara Maii Case for which Rashid Rehman Gave a Thoughtful Interview

In my city – Multan, in the evening of May 7, 2014, some unidentified killers entered in the office of Rashid Rehman at Kutchehri Chowk, killed him and went away easily. No witness (Was there not a single man?). No actions (Is there no department to do so?). No Resistance (Is evil more powerful than the ‘righteousnss’?). Nothing like that. This is how things happen in Pakistan, everytime when someone does something right. You must have heard that if you are in LA, behave LA, so if you are in a nation where religious intensity is sky-high, you must show that (religious intensity). Otherwise speak up & get shot like Rashid RehmanAdvocate Rashid Rehman was doing something that requires a lot of courage and guts. I appreciate his services and condemn the government for not providing him required security. This incident will discourage other lawyers to take his place which means the justice system will be compromised. Why only Nawaz Sharif deserves the best security while other professionals who are doing the real work out on the street, not? Despite his plea for help, government ignored the threats, proves they are not interested in protecting minorities and the ones extend a helping hand to the minorities. Continue reading

4 Ways Your Brain Can Ruin Your Chances for Success

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Everything can be going along swimmingly–and then your pesky subconscious gets in the way. Don’t let these four thought patterns trip you up.

The statistics for startup success can be grim. Approximately 75 percent of all startups fail, and about 90 percent of all products fail. Yet every day, new entrepreneurs dream up products and services and jump into the startup fray.

What’s really tripping up the ones who barely make it out of the starting gate? The economy, of course, doesn’t make things easy. But perhaps there’s something much closer to home that increases the challenge.

Our brains are powerful processing tools, but just like most technology, they can be buggy. Your subconscious thinking can negatively affect the outcome of your startup, causing you to make mistakes. It only takes a small error in judgment to kill a fledgling startup.

Here are four ways your subconscious thinking might be ruining your…

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Baby’s First Portrait!

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Magic in the Making

10178094_10152287750178895_1720400490_n 26 Weeks!

Not mine, obviously! Somedays I love being a Fairy Godmother. I’ve just decided that needs to be a job. Or at least a job description. I got to see my friend and old pole dancing teacher Lindsay today. I can’t believe baby’s on the way! I did the makeup for her wedding way back when! (Like a year ago.)

So Lindz, being the creative type that she is let me turn her belly into a work of art! I’ve been doing this for friends for years now. It’s a great baby shower gift from me! Historically, there are/were cultures who would paint a woman’s stomach to ward off evil and offer protection etc. It’s a great, unique and personal way of celebrating pregnancy! Makes for great photoshoots too.


I took the picture of her baby boy’s ultra sound and painted it up there on the right and a…

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Aging Gracefully

Excuses for Life

ImageUnfortunately, today was not the best day on my road to being a better me. I had some struggles along my path that took me away from what I wanted to accomplish. Now I had a legitimate reason for not cutting the grass (it poured down rain), but I found myself bitter or a few words I hear on most days I work; “Aren’t you too young to be a teacher?”

Most people jump for joy when they are considered young. It should be a compliment. I guess I am aging well! But not today.

I guess what really bothers me about it is how my credibility is questioned simply based on how old I look to a person. Are we not taught to judge people less? Is it still taboo to ask a woman her age? Is there a magic age that makes you more credible and smarter? Does…

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How to Be Successful in Life

What is the ultimate goal of your life? What do you want from your life? The simple answer to these questions is: Being Successful. After all this is what we want from our life, right? In this article you are going to know what success is and what it really takes you to be successful in life. We all want to live a life which makes us more comfortable and happier. This featured article on SuccessVersity.Com is pretty long. So, take your time and enjoy coffee while studying it. It’s not dry stuff, but adding coffee would be great idea to rock your own ideas and precious time on. Continue reading