What The Hell Are We Doing Online – With the Women?

Photo Credit: PakistanKiBaatein.Com
Photo Credit: PakistanKiBaatein.Com

I am a person with an open and calm mind; I never mind if a person of some other sex surpasses my ability, passion and success, same is the case with the same-sex guys, by the way. This is why, whenever I come across some highly embarrassed people who cannot bear with all that greatness which the people of opposite sex have, I become extremely sorrowful. I am going to talk about online abuse of women, especially in Pakistan. Continue reading


Happiness Manual: 30 Powerful Habits of Happier People

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“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design into the present.”

Happiness always comes when you yourself want it. You can be happy wheneve you want to be. I’m not saying that happiness can come onto your life when you get failed badly. According to Kyrill Poole, when people are asked what they want from life, happiness is usually on the list. I am a firm believer that happiness is not a “place” that one arrives at after achieving one thing or the other. I believe that happiness is a choice, a state of mind, and a way of life. And with that said, I think that there are some requisites that lead to this thing we call happiness. I know it doesn’t happen in the real world. Neither can it happen and nor I want it from you guys. But truly, doing little things at the time when you are not happy (means you are sad or sorrowfull), you can enjoy a good productive, happy life. Lately, I have been studying the behavior of happy people. I have studied different articles and I have also gone through some inspirational books about happy people and the formulae of happiness. After that I have compiled this list of 30 pieces of advice or habits about those people who really enjoy a happy life. Hope you love reading and learning them: Continue reading

Let Them Learn Themselves, Finally

I bet you have also tried to advise someone like your friend, brother, niece or nephew, son or daughter or even any stranger. But result was a damaging behaviour. You cant help the ones who dont want to be helped. In this article you are going to learn why you should let them go and let them learn all the cold things by themselves, finally.

I do sure that in life sometimes, you have come across the people who dont care about any kind of your help. They dont follow pieces of your advice.
Elders advise but youngsters just ignore and carry on. And this is not confined to youngsters only. Sometimes, they get embarrassed at others’ help. Reasons can be many One of those is; you are not helping people etiquettely i.e. the way you are helping can be irritating for them. Another reason is that you are too much helping them. And in the end if you find nothing like two above given reasons, then there’s always one reason; ‘They dont want to be helped’, so let them learn by themselves, finally.

I have two friends; Irfan & Mehran. Irfan is (also) uncle of Mehran. Mehran is keen to make lots of girlfriends. Irfan tries to stop him, thinking his career is damaging because of this habit. He advises, advises a lot, by different ways; telling him about the mis-haps and bad consequences of all this. But Mehran is the one who doesn’t put an ear to Irfan’s pieces of advice. Even now Mehran has begun to avoid him, at last. He doesn’t accept him as his friend or nephew or a well-wisher. Why? Actually Mehran doesn’t want to be advised. Sometimes, some people see nothing except what they want to. They are crazy about things they love whether those ones are bad. They learn no-sooner or never. Jinah Poonja once told his son Muhammad Ali Jinah (Founder of Pakistan) the two ways of learning in life:
1. You, follow the pieces of advice given by elders.
2. You, learn by doing all things by yourself.
But he also told his son that first way is better as it saves time and energy. Now it is upto you; choose option one or two. But I’d advise you (as I know you probably follow advice) to save precious time and energy by choosing option one.

Finally, I’d like you to share your experiences related to this in comments.

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