Why Are They Smokers???

Why people smoke? Let’s listen to the smokers for the answer to this question. For this, I came across many smokers, not a single one to satisfy me with the logical reasons behind smoking. But yeah, illogical reasons were waiting to be posted in my blog and when I say “illogical” I mean it. So let’s have a look now!

  • Illogical Reasons:
    According to smokers they smoke:

  • For relief, calm & peace. (The most authentic reason amongst most of the smokers)

  • For no reasons. (Rightly said by some smokers)
  • For getting label of “Smoker” (What an idiocy)
  • For making some poses while smoking & being called “Stylish”(Thumb to ShowBiz)
  • For diverting thoughts & tensions.
  • For having fun amongst friends.(young smokers)
  • For showing inspiration or being fan of some celebrity especially that of films industry.
  • For it’s souce of ‘Time-Pass’ viz for spening spare time.
  • For trying to be elder-like earlier because they love to be!

Logical Reasons:
I’m leaving this blank as I could not find a single logical reasoning behind smoking a cigarette so if you succeed to seek any, do inform me I’d add your told logical reason here. But you fail to find any logical reason and if you smoke then promise me you will quit smoking!