How to Be Successful in Life

What is the ultimate goal of your life? What do you want from your life? The simple answer to these questions is: Being Successful. After all this is what we want from our life, right? In this article you are going to know what success is and what it really takes you to be successful in life. We all want to live a life which makes us more comfortable and happier. This featured article on SuccessVersity.Com is pretty long. So, take your time and enjoy coffee while studying it. It’s not dry stuff, but adding coffee would be great idea to rock your own ideas and precious time on. Continue reading


‘Mother’ is Alternate Name of Love – Happy Mother’s Day

Mom's DAy
Mother is the most beautiful thing of the world made by Allah Almighty, she has a mind-blowing, surprising love for her children. She can never hate because what she has is her love. Mother is an alternate name of love. There’s nothing special without her. I love my mom. Do you do? Then why dont you express your love in your words in your friend’s blog – I’d wait for your comments on how your mom love you.
Mom's Love