Learn Life From Young Pakistani: Interview with Arzu Chuhan

The Junior Executive at Multan Regional HQ of NADRA (National Database Registration Authority) of Pakistan, who turned 25 last week, manages to host different radio shows at a private radio channel, while supervising different youth groups like YPO etc and working for the betterment of society since the age 9, intends to join NGO to be a positive part of community, therefore also took part in Peace-for-All Network by ASAAN Foundation to spread peace. She holds Dilploma of Associate Engineering in Electronics alongwith some short-course-certifications of Computer Software & Hardware, Linux OS, Compute Graphics etc. She’s ambitious to be top Software Engineer of Pakistan.

You’re here to learn different life lessons and tips that this young multi-tasking Arzu Chuhan shares. She was kind enough to take time for this interview so that readers & I may learn life. I’m thankful to her for the favor. So let’s start.

Me(AbdolRauf): Thanks for taking time for this interview. Well tell me about yourself, your passion and positions you hold.
Arzu Chuhan: I’m thankful to you for the chance to share things in my life. [Read more in introduction paragraph please]

Me : You’re a multi-tasking girl, how do you manage stress?
A.C : Well, I love to work and I love helping others at my workplaces. To manage stress, do what you love and love what you do.

Me : Hmmm… Great. Let me know how to have winning attitude at workplace?
A.C : People, sometimes, find ways to impose additional work load on me; I normally get calm down and try to solve problems; sometimes with positive arguments and a smile only.

Me : Can you please point out 3 biggest mistakes that the youuth of our age is making?
A.C : Good questrion. Yes, these are:
1. Getting away from our culture and religion.
2. Using various media only for fun, thus spoling lots of time.
3. Spoiling time & energy in other unproductive ways.

Me : OK. As you’ve held various positions at an early age, I’d like you to share some tips for better career.
A.C : Yes of course.
-Spend more time & energy to gain knowledge rather than getting mere degrees.
-Manage your time carefully as I do.
-Learn from past; implement on future. I always review what I do.

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Me : Wow. Great tips! What strategy you follow when you come across negative comments?
A.C : I’m thankful to those who let me know about the real wrong things in me. I do listen to their perceptions but I do what I want to.
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Me : What do you tell yourself when you are discouraged and want to stay motivated?
A.C : I discuss discouraging statements/acts with some of my very good friends who give me motivation. I always tell myself, “Dont stop till the last minute. Because we really feel tiresome when we’re somewhere near to success. Chances are rare; never ever let them go unavailed.”

Me : Superb! Can you please let me know more about your future plans?
A.C : Firstly, my plan is to start my career as Software Engineer (Inshallah in coming up year). Secondly, I love to be social worker therefore gonna join some NGO for that; want to change the world positively. Thirdly, I want to spend more time with my family and friends.

Me : May Allah bless you achieve them. Share some of your favorite quotes.
A.C : My favorite quotes are:
“Opportunity is swift flight; but slow to return.” (Hazrat ali (RA)
when relation is new, people find reasons to meet. But when its gets older, people find excuses to avoid meeting.It’s strange but true.

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Me : Great. Let’s say you’re on a radio show and you have only 30 seconds to deliver your msg, what would it be?
A.C : Yes it would be, “Take care of yourself (Because if you take care of yourself, then others will take care of you.) and the relations around you. Remember me in your prayers.”

Me : Thanks so much for sharing practical tips and lessons of your life.
A.C : Thank you so much for having me and giving me valuable chance to share them.

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Was this interview helpful in learning things in life? What’s the thing that you like the most in Arzu Chuhan? I’d love to know what’s your favorite life lesson/tip in this interview in comments?


Some Life Lessons From Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is one of my favorite Indian industry movie-stars. He’s recently completed his 20 years in Indian Film Industry and proved himself the true ‘King Khan of Bollywood’ with awesome performance in 70 plus movies. LA Times called him ‘The World’s Biggest Movie-Star.’ newsweek named him one the top 50 most powerful people in the world in 2008. He’s networth of INR 25 billion. He has lived a life one would dream of. But he’s definitely great lessons to teach us. Some of them are outlined below:

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

He speaks with calm

While watching his interviews, I really get shocked at his relax behavior. He gives fabulous cool answer even to hot controversial questions. He speaks so well with his characteristic wit. Once in an interview, he said,
“When a movie flops, we find hundreds of excuses, rights from the color of one’s socks to the Great Wall of China.”

His Informed Attitude

His attitude is well-informed. Whenever he speaks about something, he’s something really worth-sharing in his mind. He’s got knowledge about what he talks about. Even when he makes movies, he collects background compulsory knowledge-base behind that movie. If you will question him about his super-hero flick Ra.One, he’ll answer to your question quite technically but in very easy language.

High Passion

The man keeps his passion high, always. Passion in someone’s life is as must as having a key to start a vehicle. You’re to ignite your talent with key of ‘your passion’ to drive your life. So higher the passion is, higher will be the chance of getting goal achieved and SRK knows it very well. Developing a six-pack in his 40s for Dard-e-Disco in Om Shanti Om is an example of his passion. Recent super-hero sci-fi flick Ra.One is also a monument of his high passion; otherwise this was really not possible to make it in Bollywood town.

His Killer Enthusiasm

Whenever some of his coworkers are interviewed, enthusiasm of Badshah of Bollywood is talked about with much eager. Enthusiastic people are more likely to be successful; as they replace pessimism with optimism. You must have watched out Shahrukh Khan’s enthusiasm at IPL Season 5; the man was just out of control because of happiness he got when his KKR (Kolkatta Knight Riders) won the final. Guys like KK welcome success with both hands as they’d struggled out a lot in achieving it.

Up-to-dated iSRK

He keeps himself uptodated about latest technology. He’s an e-book-reader, a gadget-user, video-game-lover and blah blah blah. This is why he’s well-informed and educated. He was also one of the few B-town people who immediately realized the importance of micrblogging platform Twitter and social network Facebook. He uses his twitter account time-to-time whenever necessary.

Update: Shahrukh Khan crosses 7.16 million followers in  His Twitter Account

Family Guy

Shahrukh Khan is a family guy and the world knows this reality. Whenever he’s interviewed, he looks for chance to speak of his son, daughter, wife and most probably his parents who’d left this world in 1990. He lived many years without his parents in the age when someone needs them badly. But he has never blamed nature or some other reasons. He just went on his way to success. He often says that he’d wish his movies to be so big that his parents watch them from Heaven. Family is a bondage to keep us unite. Only because of family, we feel that we’re not alone. And SRK knows it better.

I’d love to listen some more good things of Shahrukh Khan from which we can get life lessons from in the comments.