Nature is Beauty

Have you ever seen sun coming out in the morning? Have you been in the jungle or a garden? Have you come across some delivery of a baby? You might be thinking that I’m joking or so. And let me ask one more question “Have you ever pondered over these natural phenomena?” We normally don’t put any attention to them actually. Do you know why is so? Yes. Because there’s perfection and beauty in nature that we really think it’s normal.

Suppose if natural phenomena become abnormal. Everything will change. Everything means every thought and every act. But how beautifully nature has shown its beauty in those everything around us or someone else’s. Sun lights up our world. The beauty is exposed in its light. Flower blossoms giving its youth to weather. Fruit get ripped and we eat and even use them for different purposes. Life revolves around nature. Because nature itself gave birth to life. And this is a universal fact that only life can feel and see the beauty as life itself is a beauty. We should be all very thankful for each and everything which nature has granted us.