What The Hell Are We Doing Online – With the Women?

Photo Credit: PakistanKiBaatein.Com
Photo Credit: PakistanKiBaatein.Com

I am a person with an open and calm mind; I never mind if a person of some other sex surpasses my ability, passion and success, same is the case with the same-sex guys, by the way. This is why, whenever I come across some highly embarrassed people who cannot bear with all that greatness which the people of opposite sex have, I become extremely sorrowful. I am going to talk about online abuse of women, especially in Pakistan. Continue reading


Photo Album: The Untold Story of Pakistan

This post contains rare photo-album about the untold story of Pakistan that will blow your mind! But if somehow, you are not able to open this post with ease; you can go to The Hidden Photo Album of Pakistan. The credit for such a rare and thoughtful collection of photos goes to Shahzeb Khan Khichi, it has been taken from his album on Facebook.

The Untold Story of Pakistan
The Untold and Forgotten Story of Pakistan

I have collected this rare photo-album about the untold story of Pakistan that will blow your mind! Pakistan used to be very liberal and free of racism, religious, cultural, regional conflicts. There used to be freedom of speech, act and other humanely stuff. Afterwords, the lovely homeland was captured by some extremists who gained power because of (sorry to say) illiterate and ignorant people and did according to the script given by enemies of humanity, our world – Pakistan. All this captured badly affected peace, politics, tourism, film industry and everything. Continue reading

The Hidden Photo Album of Pakistan

Speak Up & Get Shot – Like Rashid Rehman

This post has been featured on my present blog AbdolRauf.Com with the same title: Speak Up & Get Shot – Like Rashid Rehman

Rashid Rehman - Photo Courtesy of Express
Rashid Rehman – Photo Courtesy of a Documentary by Beena Sarwar on Mukhtara Maii Case for which Rashid Rehman Gave a Thoughtful Interview

In my city – Multan, in the evening of May 7, 2014, some unidentified killers entered in the office of Rashid Rehman at Kutchehri Chowk, killed him and went away easily. No witness (Was there not a single man?). No actions (Is there no department to do so?). No Resistance (Is evil more powerful than the ‘righteousnss’?). Nothing like that. This is how things happen in Pakistan, everytime when someone does something right. You must have heard that if you are in LA, behave LA, so if you are in a nation where religious intensity is sky-high, you must show that (religious intensity). Otherwise speak up & get shot like Rashid RehmanAdvocate Rashid Rehman was doing something that requires a lot of courage and guts. I appreciate his services and condemn the government for not providing him required security. This incident will discourage other lawyers to take his place which means the justice system will be compromised. Why only Nawaz Sharif deserves the best security while other professionals who are doing the real work out on the street, not? Despite his plea for help, government ignored the threats, proves they are not interested in protecting minorities and the ones extend a helping hand to the minorities. Continue reading